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BVoc or Bachelor of Vocational Studies is a 3 years undergraduate program that is aimed at the development of skill required for in the various industrial sectors.

Fashion Designing (B.VOC)

The course can help you develop skills related to garment construction, pattern building, fashion illustration, graphic designing, analysing the market trends and the audience. The course aims at providing creative exploration along with specific skills and techniques to understand the industry. We are offering Bachelor of Vocational Diploma to Degree Course in Our Institution

RobotiX Kid

We are offering Robotic,Coding,IOT & A.I learning to the students of Class 3 to 8 Grades .


We are offering private Bachelor of Arts with pass & Honours Degree Course


The duration of this course is one year with two semesters of six months each. During class teaching students are told about different aspects of diesel engine and related activities like maintaining diesel equipment operations by completing inspections and preventive maintenance requirements; correcting vehicle deficiencies; making adjustments and alignments; keeping records.

LMV Technician

LMV (Light Motor Vehicle) Technician courses typically cover aspects of automotive repair and maintenance for light vehicles. Topics include engine systems, electrical systems, brakes, steering, and suspension. Students learn diagnostic techniques, repair procedures, and safety protocols. These courses often blend theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical training to prepare individuals for careers as LMV technicians.

Electric Vehicle Technology

Electric Vehicle Technology course: Covers EV fundamentals like batteries, motors, and charging infrastructure. Combines theory with practical skills for a solid understanding of electric vehicle systems.

App/Web Development

App/Web Development Course: Learn essential programming languages, frameworks, and design principles. Gain hands-on experience to build and deploy applications, preparing for a career in software development.